Author: Yoann Levy

Advanced theoretical network for modeling light matter interactIon

Virtual Meetings within WP4!

Several tasks of the WP4 were initiated during secondments between BSU, SPMRC, NSU and IP-ASCR, in the first year of the project (before the Covid breakout). To progress on this activities in spite of the sanitary situation we have started (end of January 2021) virtual meetings (about once per month) where we can freely discuss…
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16 April 2021 1

New series of exchanges between Belarus and Czech Republic

After a first series of secondments of Belarus teams to HiLASE Centre (ERs Dr. Alexander Fedotov, Dr. Olga Fedotova, Dr. Oleg Romanov) in the second part of 2019, it is the turn of ERs Igor Timoshchenko and Aleksandr Kozlovski to be welcomed in HiLASE, Czech Republic. Their stay has started this January 2020 and will…
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14 January 2020 0