Advanced theoretical network for modeling light matter interactIon

New secondment happening between IP-ASCR and TSTU

Since 18th January 2024 a new secondment of 1 month has started for Dr. Y. Levy (HiLASE Centre, FZU, IP-ASCR, Czech Republic) to the lab of Prof. U. K. Sapaev in Tashkent State Technical University (Department of laser technology and optoelectronics, TSTU, Uzbekistan). The secondment aims a exchanging and training on modeling techniques related to…
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2 February 2024 0

Reminder on Eligibility conditions

While the implementation of the project has been made more difficult for multiple reasons (COVID & geopolitical situation in Ukraine), we have to keep mind that each secondment can be reversed. This feature can be implemented without much difficulty, and should help to implement the project in some easier way. Reserve: note that, unfortunately, it…
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26 October 2022 0

Participation of Belarus and Russian Federation had to be removed from the project

As quality of scientists and citizens, the Management Committee of ATLANTIC project recognizes and condemns the invasion of Ukraine by Russian Federation, that has been initiated in end Feb. 2022. However, on a more personal basis, the Management Committee also supports the scientists of these countries that are not related to the invasion, and who…
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19 June 2022 0

Project is prolonged until Feb. 2024

Following the COVID crisis that has slowed down the implementation of the project, the duration of the action has now been extended to 60 months, i.e., until February 2024. This will let further time to implement the numerous secondments of the project.

19 June 2022 0


Because of COVID pandemic situation, several secondments have been interrupted, some with implying loss of funds. Travels have been stopped since March 2020. Thanks to modularity of EU fundings, the project will be extended by 12 months (without budget extension), from the submission of amendment. At the moment, the Management Committee is proceeding with the…
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9 June 2021 0

Virtual Meetings within WP4!

Several tasks of the WP4 were initiated during secondments between BSU, SPMRC, NSU and IP-ASCR, in the first year of the project (before the Covid breakout). To progress on this activities in spite of the sanitary situation we have started (end of January 2021) virtual meetings (about once per month) where we can freely discuss…
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16 April 2021 1

New series of exchanges between Belarus and Czech Republic

After a first series of secondments of Belarus teams to HiLASE Centre (ERs Dr. Alexander Fedotov, Dr. Olga Fedotova, Dr. Oleg Romanov) in the second part of 2019, it is the turn of ERs Igor Timoshchenko and Aleksandr Kozlovski to be welcomed in HiLASE, Czech Republic. Their stay has started this January 2020 and will…
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14 January 2020 0

The ATLANTIC team met in ALT conference (Prague)

A number of meetings and discussions were held by the teams and participants of the RISE-ATLANTIC during ALT’19 in Prague. Tzveta Apostolova, Thibault Derrien, Anton Husakou, Yoann Levy, Olga Fedotova, Usman Sapaev, Oleg Romanov, Alexander Fedotov, Sergey Lizunov, Kryštof Hlinomaz, Sergei Starinskiy had fruitful exchanges and have contributed to the advancement of the project. Two…
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13 October 2019 0

Exchanges between Czech Republic and Belarus have started

Dr. Alex Fedotov has visited the group of prof. Bulgakova for one month since August 22, 2019. A seminar talk was given at HiLASE on Wed. September 4th, 2019; as well as the poster presentation at ALT’2019 took place on September 17, 2019. In September 2019, Dr. Olga Fedotova and Dr. Oleg Romanov spent 2…
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13 October 2019 0

Exchange between Uzbekistan and Czech Republic have started

assoc. prof. Usman Sapaev is visiting the group of prof. Bulgakova for one month. This offers opportunities for establish durable collaboration in time and to think about projects for future. A seminar will be given by assoc. prof. Sapaev at HiLASE on Wed. September 4th, 2019. [Announcement]

29 August 2019 0