Advanced theoretical network for modeling light matter interactIon

Exchanges between Germany and Belarus well started

Secondments between Germany and Belarus well started. Several events took place already. 22nd July 2019: Seminar of Dr. Olga Fedotova at the Max Born Institute [official announcement ] “Ultrashort powerful pulse propagation in nonlinear media: Vortex Light Bullets in Kerr Solids, THz Generation in Nanocomposites and THz Solitons”. Seminar of Dr. Anton Husakou (MBI) in Minsk…
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31 July 2019 0

Secondment to Tsukuba University has started

Project coordinator prof. Tzveta Apostolova (New Bulgarian University) and Dr. Thibault J.-Y. Derrien (HiLASE Centre, Czech Republic) have well landed to Japan. Prof. Yabana kindly organized a workshop to start with the scientific discussions. We are also honored of the presence of Dr. Otobe from Kansai Photon Institute.

17 June 2019 0

Secondment eligibility test

Choosing a student to whom to propose a training can be difficult. The eligibility conditions of RISE makes quite complicated. To hopefully simplifying the procedures, we have prepared an Excel Table to test if the students you consider would be eligible to travel. For privacy reason, we avoid to do this online, and it is…
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5 June 2019 0

CNRS-CELIA is leaving the Consortium for strategic reason.

One key beneficiary of the Marie Curie RISE project “ATLANTIC” learnt from their headquarters that their strategic and safety allowance to participate in the ATLANTIC project was refused after the start of the project. The ATLANTIC consortium will  soon take decision on the way to mitigate the consequences of this “Force Majeure” case. All the…
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29 May 2019 0

Opening the website

The website of ATLANTIC-RISE is finally open. We will enrich it very soon!

9 May 2019 0

Kickoff meeting was held in Sofia, Bulgaria

The EU consortium has met and started the project at the New Bulgarian University (Sofia, Bulgaria) this week, to the occasion of the project kickoff meeting.

8 March 2019 0