New secondment happening between IP-ASCR and TSTU

Advanced theoretical network for modeling light matter interactIon

New secondment happening between IP-ASCR and TSTU

2 February 2024 Non classé 0

Since 18th January 2024 a new secondment of 1 month has started for Dr. Y. Levy (HiLASE Centre, FZU, IP-ASCR, Czech Republic) to the lab of Prof. U. K. Sapaev in Tashkent State Technical University (Department of laser technology and optoelectronics, TSTU, Uzbekistan).

The secondment aims a exchanging and training on modeling techniques related to the propagation of ultrashort laser pulse in large bandgap materials and contemplates possible merging with Two Temperature modeling in the future.

Such modeling would enable to better control the laser energy deposition in transparent dielectrics for volumetric modification upon focusing with reasonable numerical apertures. The computational costs would be lower than techniques relying on Maxwell’s equation solvers.

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