Participation of Belarus and Russian Federation had to be removed from the project

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Participation of Belarus and Russian Federation had to be removed from the project

19 June 2022 Non classé 0

As quality of scientists and citizens, the Management Committee of ATLANTIC project recognizes and condemns the invasion of Ukraine by Russian Federation, that has been initiated in end Feb. 2022. However, on a more personal basis, the Management Committee also supports the scientists of these countries that are not related to the invasion, and who suffer directly or indirectly from their political regimes.

As a result of the Europeans sanctions applied to the regime of Belarus and to the regime of Russian Federation, the EU institutions engaged in ATLANTIC received administrative obligation to remove the participation of partners from these 2 countries from the project.

Whereas non-implemented secondments from Russia have been canceled (not  funded initially),  the funds that were reserved for Belarus scientists to support the development of the ATLANTIC project have been recovered by the European Union and are no longer under control of the consortium. As a result, most of scientific outcomes that were expected from the collaboration with Belarus and Russian Federation have now been removed from the proposal and are no longer due as deliverables.

Collaboration on a personal basis remains possible with scientists whom values are compatible with project values. In the present circumstances times, it is difficult to consider any possibility to separate science from politics.

Looking forward to continue fruitful scientific collaborations despite of undesired and outstanding difficulties.

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